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To all my friends and customers who have a favorite charity, or a non-profit organization
that you wish to support or you just want to have fun!
 Here at ZHC we do our best to give back and offer opportunities to raise funds, with fashion events. trunk shows. charities & presentations. 
Educational talks on style, fashion, health, wellness & anti-aging.
Please contact us at
And thank you for allowing me to share my love and give back to
so many great organizations.
Paola Zambony
Phone: 561-860-6099
E Mail:
ZHC Model: Marcies Elizabeth     
Marcies Elizabeth is a professional model with over 10 years of experience on stage and in front of the camera. She is well known for her reigning title as MISS LATINA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WORLD 2008 and her versatility in modeling, acting, and dancing. Her career as a model / actress / dancer has allowed her to work with many National and International designers and producers throughout the U.S. She is available for auditions, public appearances, and interviews.

  ZHC Photographers

George Anthony Wakefield of GW Photography (754) 368-1682
Claude Taylor of Goodlivin' Productions LLC 
Glibert Henry of Digifotosphotography.


My Gift To You

ZHC values our loyal followers by offering to pay you a 15% fee for all referral sales you bring to us. Whenever you refer someone that BUYS from us, YOU RECEIVE a 15% referral fee for any purchase.

Payment can be made directly into your PayPal account or we'll mail you a check - whichever floats your boat!

It's simple. Once your referral adds their items into their shopping cart, they need to click on the link "Add a note to your order". Here is where they need to enter YOUR NAME, YOUR PHONE NUMBER and/or YOUR EMAIL address - which becomes their "Special instructions for seller".





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