About Paola.

  Driven by a unique and natural talent for her awe-inspiring creations, Paola Zambony has taken her designs to a new level of mastery. Her trend setting visions have turned faces and swept the stage on runways across Europe .
She has lived and worked in such places as Italy , France , Hong Kong , Ethiopia , The Middle East, and England . We now have the pleasure of her company and talent here in the United States.
Paola has worked with amazing designers such as Azaguri, Darnells,
Susan Collier, to name just a few as well as creating her first label PIZAZ
in the United Kingdom in 1988.
The Art of Haute Couture is a combination of precision, detail, and craftsmanship. This process takes precious hours of time using a variety of exotic materials such as gold and silver metal thread as well as silk, Swarovski crystals and other innovative finishes.
Haute Couture is intended to stand the test of time both in fashion and durability.

Exceeding the definition of Haute Couture, all of Paola Zambony’s designs are creations of unique elegance and exclusive fashion.

To perfect her craft, she trained with jewelers to understand the engineering involved in creating wearable art.

With Zambony Haute Couture, every hand-embroidered design sparkles with beauty, elegance, and style.  
From simply elegant to sublimely magnificent , you will find gowns, cocktail wear, casual wear, lingerie, handbags, distinctive home accessories, cushions, wall hangings and more.
 Paola Zambony is distinguished and accomplished yet equally lovable and compassionate. Her goal is to give the public beautiful, affordable and exquisite workmanship in all avenues of her ventures.
Her motto, “What goes around, comes around” has certainly proved to be true for this designer, a hallmark in a fashion dynasty.        
Zambony Haute Couture 
"Wearable Art"


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