Bag Blue and White Trapeze Style Tote

Bag Blue and White Trapeze Style Tote - shopzambony

A really lovely chic bag, the color is stunning!  I keep these all year round no matter the weather!  Very spacious, practical and sturdy it can take a lot including your tablet/iPad...

I tend to view fashion a little bit differently to the norm, I believe fashion belongs to YOU! You make your own style/statement to the world. Yes, clothing must fit well and be "fashionable" and most importantly suit you... BUT ACCESSORIES say who you are!

How you are feeling on a particular day, and MOST importantly are meant to make you smile!  That's why I would term this bag an anytime bag...

 A ZHC Statement Piece... 

( Black hand-beaded top and knickers are from the New Lingerie Collection)




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